School & Parent Report

The Parent Report

Each UKiset test comes with an individual report which is sent to the candidate after completing the test. This is an overview of the candidate’s performance in the reasoning test and the Cambridge Linguaskill English assessment.

The report includes the following information:

The School Report

Schools receive a more comprehensive report for each UKiset candidate. It includes the candidate’s handwritten essay, a detailed breakdown of performance against other students studying in independent schools and grade predictions.

Schools may use this report in a range of different ways:
The School Report consists of the following information:
  • The School Profile
  • Distinct standardisations for national and independent school cohorts.
  • The candidate’s expository essay – written on the day of the test and demonstrating expressive language skill, structured writing skills, and some of the candidate’s own outlooks and opinions.
  • Future predicted grades in GCSE, A-Level and IB in a wide range of subjects.

The information provided in the School Reports is only available to UKiset schools following our security protocols.