The UKiset Test


The reasoning part of the test is designed to underline a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Vocabulary test
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
30 to 45 mins
Reading and Listening

The second part of the UKiset test is the Cambridge Linguaskill English assessment. Students will be provided with scores for both the reading and listening sections and an average score.

  • Multiple choice and gap filling tasks
  • Measures receptive language skill
  • Scores are based on the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR)
60 to 90 mins
Essay Writing
  • Designed to demonstrate active use of the English language
  • Students will be provided with a topic appropriate to their age
30 mins

Prepare for UKiset

UKiset Prep is the official preparation course offered by highly educated, expert tutors.

Our UKiset Prep team will find the most suitable tutor for each candidate based on age, learning style and focus area.

A dedicated and highly qualified team can create individual learning programmes based on the student’s current academic level and their potential. The one-to-one sessions help to improve the student’s vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills, as well as increase confidence and accuracy when answering mathematic-based reasoning questions.

How does UKiset Prep work?

  1. Pre-Assessment (NVR, Mathematics, English)
  2. Analysis and Advise
  3. Bespoke Plan
  4. Familiarisation and Confidence
  5. Achievements (Competitive Scores)
  6. Acceptance

As well as providing guided practice for the UKiset assessment, UKiset Prep Tutors assist their students in developing the fundamental skills required to thrive within the British independent school system.

ways to

Other ways to prepare

We suggest working on improving your child’s English skills such as vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. This can be achieved through regular practice, by reading, listening, speaking, and writing.


Encourage your child to practice their writing skills on a wide range of topics.


Support your child to express their opinions in English to develop critical thinking.

The UKiset reasoning test includes quantitative reasoning. It can be helpful to ensure that the student is confident in answering mathematical questions.