Become an associate school

If you are a UK school and interested in using UKiset as your pre-selection or school entrance test, please contact us. We welcome all schools to join the UKiset network whether based in the UK or internationally. Over the years, schools using UKiset as part of their admissions process will benefit from the rich bank of data that is being created. We provide, free of charge, regular statistics, trends and information on recruitment patterns from around the world.

Benefits for schools

Principally UKiset has been designed to help identify the most suitable candidates for your school. It provides an accurate indicator of an overseas applicant's academic abilities and compares them directly against their British peers in the UK and specifically, in the independent sector. It may also:

- dovetail nicely with your own baseline testing
- eliminate unnecessary paperwork and wasted administrative time
- reduce or eliminate the setting and marking of your own papers
- allow decisions to be made much more quickly.

The UKiset profile for schools consists of a complete overview of the candidate's potential. The aim is to provide enough information for schools to make an informed decision on whether this applicant is a good fit for them and whether they wish to pursue this application further. The School Profile includes:

- A full student profile sheet, including a photo and full contact details Standardised scores for core processing skills, verbal, non-verbal and maths
- Comparisons with the British state and independent sectors Scores include Stanine and National Percentile Ranking Predicted future grades at GCSE and A-Level (where appropriate)
- Current CEFR level and IELTS-equivalent English score
- Their English essay

To see a sample profile and talk through the value of using UKiset, get in contact with us.


N.B. Schools are under no obligation to accept a student based on their UKiset result, and we request that schools do not publish their entry requirements. We request that schools respond to the applicant directly with their decision.